London concert: Friday 22 June


Sorabji Salome

My next concert takes place next Friday at St John’s, Smith Square in central London. The programme includes music by Ives, Albeniz, Alkan, Scriabin, John White, Alistair Hinton, and the first performance of Sorabji’s transcription of the closing scene of Strauss’ Salome.


3 Responses to “London concert: Friday 22 June”

  1. 1 Peter Miklasinski

    Another unforgettable flood of overpowering music. Thank you – Jonathan, thank you – composers.

  2. 2 Simon and Brigid Starr

    Hello Jonathan
    We enjoyed very much the 22nd June concert, as we did Opus Clav back in 2003 at the South Bank. Ever since I heard that the Salome transcription existed, I have been waiting for a performance and it certainly lived up to expectations. Thanks also for the Scriabin 8th sonata, so rarely performed. For the first time I could appreciate the structure of the piece, which is usually difficult considering that it lacks that obviously noticeable ‘saddle point’ contained in his other one-movement sonatas.
    Was it my imagination, or was the Alkan actually harder work than the Sorabji?!
    Thanks again for a memorable evening and we look forward to your next concert and of course a future recording of Opus Clav.

    Simon and Brigid

  3. 3 Anonymous

    What is the sheet music in this picture?

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